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RDM protocol based on DMX512 (bidirectional)

lights Industry Jun 3,2022 00:00 188 0

Original author: Stage LightingFrom: Stage Lighting

Remote device management(RDM) protocol for LED lighting over DMX512 network
The Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol allows intelligent two-way communication between devices from multiple manufacturers using a modified DMX512 data link. RDM is defined in WH/T 32 standard (DMX512-A) to implement enhanced topology function EF 1.0 in DMX512 network. 

In this standard, RDM allows consoles or other control devices to find devices through the DMX512 network, and then configure, monitor and manage these intermediate and terminal devices. RDM provides intelligent control of DMX512 network devices, which has not been implemented before other than private networks. 

This standard specifies the following: physical layer and timing, device discovery process and algorithm, message structure and communication.

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