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    • What is Spot on stage lights?

      In stage lighting, spot refers to a function of beam lights that can produce a concentrated beam of light to illuminate a specific object or area. The beam angle of a spot light is typically adjustable, ranging from 2° to 60°. The narrowe...

      Light Basics WokerBee May 7,2024 0 Replies 119 Views
    • What is BSW on stage lights?

      BSW in stage lighting refers to the abbreviation of Beam Spot Wash, which represents the three functions of beam, spot and wash in one. BSW fixtures are usually moving head lights with the following characteristics: [*]Beam:Can produce a...

      Light Basics WokerBee May 7,2024 0 Replies 146 Views
    • How Hall Effect Sensors Work in Moving Heads

      Hall effect sensors are primarily used for angle detection in Moving Heads (Lights). Moving Heads need to rotate according to preset programs to achieve various lighting effects. Hall effect sensors can sense changes in the magnetic field a...

      Light Basics WokerBee Mar 15,2024 0 Replies 225 Views
    • Why is there no celebrity endorsement in the stage lighting industry?

      I am a DJ from .., I like Taylor Swift, and I also wonder why some big companies, like some big stage lighting companies, don’t seek endorsements from them. If they are endorsements, sales will definitely be higher. If it really doesn...

      Discussion DJMilo Mar 15,2024 1 Replies 155 Views
    • how about Joyfirst beam 14R

      We saw some comments from netizens on the Internet about our Joyfirst: In fact, Beam 14R is rich in functions and uses solid materials, which also leads to its relatively high cost. We collected users’ suggestions and launched the chea...

      News StaJim Oct 17,2023 0 Replies 393 Views
    • Website access has returned to normal

      Dear all visitors: Some time ago, our servers were placed in other computer rooms, which resulted in friends from many countries being unable to access our website. Also due to business adjustments, we did not update and interact w...

      Announcement hunter Oct 9,2023 0 Replies 389 Views
    • Beam Mini 7R has been officially mass-produced

      Mini 7R was exhibited at Prolight+Light 2023 Frankfurt for the first time, and it received enough attention as soon as it appeared. Beam Mini7R inherits and develops from the popular 7R Plus. Its functions are similar to 7R Plus, but it ...

      News StaJim Aug 1,2023 0 Replies 540 Views
    • mini 7R will be released soon

      Mini 7R is a moving head light very similar to 7R Plus (Beam 230W), Appearance size is 70% of 7R PLUS. More parameters will be announced after the official release, The first show will appear at the Frankfurt exhibition(Prolight + Sound 20...

      News StaJim Apr 17,2023 0 Replies 520 Views
    • Beam 7R 230W


      Fixture Lib hunter Mar 29,2023 0 Replies 523 Views

      Beam 7R 230W User manual. l lamp: Roccer 7R 230Wl Channel mode:20 DMX512 Channell Pan scan:540°(16bit) Electric correctionl Tilt scan:270° (16bit) Electric correctionl Amazing dot matix, four tact switch, 180° turning showl Color whee...

      Resources hunter Mar 14,2023 0 Replies 387 Views
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