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    • 【Notice】Change of packing box specifications

      In the future, the par lamps stocked by the factory will be stocked in a box of 12, and the packing data on the side will be modified to 12. The packing specification of 6 pieces/box will be phased out. par64 boxing

      News StaJim Feb 6,2023 0 Replies 54 Views
    • Function Introduction of 7pcs 40W Zoom LED Moving Head Light

      Function Introduction of 7pcs 40W Zoom LED Moving Head Light LED wash zoom beam moving head light: D740W, composed of seven 40W RGBW four-color LED light source, excellent color effect, easy to create a powerful beam, adding movement to th...

      News StaJim Jan 9,2023 0 Replies 88 Views
    • LED Waterproof Par Light 0.5Wx24Pcs with Remote Control

      Edited by StaJim at Jan 6,2023 01:43 LED Waterproof Flat Par 24x0.5W Light with Remote Control RGB 3in1 RGB/RGBW(Customized) For more details: Email:

      News StaJim Jan 6,2023 0 Replies 79 Views
    • Disassemble the beam 14R to solve most of the problems encountered

      The disassembly of Beam 14R is very easy, you only need to rotate your screwdriver to remove its shell, and you don’t need to memorize the position of the screws, because the screws it uses are almost the same. Power off your head light ...

      News StaJim Jan 3,2023 0 Replies 59 Views
    • Club Lighting recommended - ASMSLIT Lighting

      A local club, World Cup. Stage Lighting LED matrix screen, Led Wash Lights, Beam Moving Head Lights, Recommended Products - Led - Wash Moving Head Lights: 7*40W Wash Zoom Beam Lights, 12*40W Wash Zoom Beam Lights Recommended Products...

      News StaJim Dec 9,2022 0 Replies 119 Views
    • Portugal vs Uruguay pre-match light show

      The Portuguese team defeated Uruguay 2-0 in a Qatar World Cup Group H match that ended on the evening of the 28th, ushering in two consecutive victories and advancing to the group stage. Although the game is over, it does not affect watch...

      News hunter Dec 7,2022 1 Replies 98 Views
    • Beam 7R is still in production to meet after-sales needs

      With the upgrading of products, in the first half of this year, our hot-selling product: Beam 7R(Beam Moving Head Light 7R ) was discontinued, and the successor model was Beam 7R Plus. However, due to the large user base of Beam 7R, after-s...

      News StaJim Dec 1,2022 0 Replies 88 Views
    • TMI launched a new generation of stage lighting driver chip TMI8263

      TMI(TOLL Microelectronics) launched a new generation of stage lighting driver chip TMI8263. TMI launched a new generation of stage lighting machine driver chip TMI8263, high performance, low jitter, high current, can fully meet the control...

      News hunter Nov 29,2022 1 Replies 113 Views
    • A mini LED Retro Light with DMX512

      A mini led retro light DMX512 protocol Product introduction: This 7 retro lamps uses a new and beautiful high temperature resistant metal body. Designed and produced in accordance with CE standards, supports DMX512 signal protocol, can be...

      News hunter Nov 22,2022 0 Replies 156 Views
    • A batch of bulbs for 14R 295W is about to be sent to the factory

      Chatting with a colleague at the light bulb factory last night, he sent me a picture like this, Laser engraving: ASMSLIT 295. Do you know any other application scenarios for this type of bulb besides stage lighting?

      News StaJim Nov 9,2022 0 Replies 93 Views
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