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    • Beam 7R is still in production to meet after-sales needs

      With the upgrading of products, in the first half of this year, our hot-selling product: Beam 7R(Beam Moving Head Light 7R ) was discontinued, and the successor model was Beam 7R Plus. However, due to the large user base of Beam 7R, after-s...

      News StaJim Dec 1,2022 0 Replies 7 Views
    • TMI launched a new generation of stage lighting driver chip TMI8263

      TMI(TOLL Microelectronics) launched a new generation of stage lighting driver chip TMI8263. TMI launched a new generation of stage lighting machine driver chip TMI8263, high performance, low jitter, high current, can fully meet the control...

      News hunter Nov 29,2022 1 Replies 16 Views
    • A mini LED Retro Light with DMX512

      A mini led retro light DMX512 protocol Product introduction: This 7 retro lamps uses a new and beautiful high temperature resistant metal body. Designed and produced in accordance with CE standards, supports DMX512 signal protocol, can be...

      News hunter Nov 22,2022 0 Replies 29 Views
    • A batch of bulbs for 14R 295W is about to be sent to the factory

      Chatting with a colleague at the light bulb factory last night, he sent me a picture like this, Laser engraving: ASMSLIT 295. Do you know any other application scenarios for this type of bulb besides stage lighting?

      News StaJim Nov 9,2022 0 Replies 10 Views
    • 20R || 18R Beam Spot Wash Stage Light Animated Demo

      18R/20R Beam Spot Wash 3in1 Moving Head Stage Light Model not officially set

      News StaJim Oct 25,2022 0 Replies 19 Views
    • HQI metal halide lamps still play an important role in some fields

      Although LED light sources are more and more widely used in life and all walks of life, in some occasions, LEDs cannot be an ideal choice to replace HQI metal halide lamps (metal halide lamps are more suitable).In stadiums, arenas, and key ...

      News StaJim Sep 15,2022 0 Replies 49 Views
    • The first batch of lamps sent to the German warehouse is in transit

      After a period of preparation, our warehouse in Germany has finally been renovated, and the first batch of stage lighting has also been sent out. It is expected to arrive in October, and customers in Germany and some surrounding countries w...

      News StaJim Sep 6,2022 0 Replies 67 Views
    • A new engineering style is being tested

      As an editor who graduated with a journalism major, I am here to break the news again. The Guangdong factory is testing a new stage light. Through the distribution of light sources, I believe everyone can guess that the light source of the ...

      News StaJim Aug 16,2022 0 Replies 71 Views
    • A moving head light codenamed "Big Eyes" is being tested

      Recently, our factory sent a moving head light to the Wuxi office that is still under test. Compared with the existing products, it has higher power, larger size, larger lens, narrower frame, and looks like big eyes. Alien"Big Eyes" Moving ...

      News StaJim Aug 12,2022 0 Replies 108 Views
    • new product release-bee eye zoom beam

      This is a 6*40W 4in1 bee eye zoom beam light.At present, I have not got the latest product picture. More great pictures coming soon. This message is released simultaneously with the official website. [hr]user manual: move Resources Asmsli...

      News StaJim Jul 27,2022 0 Replies 296 Views
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