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BSW in stage lighting refers to the abbreviation of Beam Spot Wash, which represents the three functions of beam, spot and wash in one. BSW fixtures are usually moving head lights with the following characteristics:

  • Beam:Can produce a focused beam with adjustable beam angle.
  • Spot: Various patterns can be projected, such as gobo pieces, gobo wheel, etc.
  • Wash: Can produce various colors of light, and the color is adjustable.
  • BSW lights are widely used in stage performances, TV shows, concerts and other occasions, and can create colorful light and shadow effects.

The specific functions and parameters of BSW fixtures vary depending on the model. Here are some common BSW light features:

  • Beam Angle: Usually adjustable range is 2° to 60°.
  • Gobo: The number and type of gobos vary depending on the model. Common gobos include circles, squares, triangles, stars, flowers, etc.
  • Color: Can produce various colors of light, including red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, white, etc.
  • Control mode: Supports DMX512 control, which can be controlled through the console or software.

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