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VJ refers to Visual Jockey (visual jockey or video jockey), referring to the person who controls the visual effects, that is, the person who provides video images and creates visual effects for the PARTY. In DISCO, BAR, CLUB and other bizarre PARTY places, you can often see some super cool and avant-garde images on the screen that correspond to the atmosphere and rhythm of the scene. Don't think that this is playing a DVD disc. It is a live video performance carefully prepared by a professional VJ videographer, which contributes to the atmosphere of the scene.

DJ is the abbreviation of Disk Jockey. It can be understood as the emcee or disc knight of the DISCO ballroom. DISCO existed long before World War I, but it wasn't as crazy and HIGH back then, at best it was just some music with a stronger rhythm, DJs were just behind-the-scenes hosts, just like the hosts of radio now. Same. "DJ" officially moved from behind the scenes to the front desk in 1981, responsible for selecting suitable music from a variety of music and playing it to the guests. In the early '80s, DJs wouldn't take full advantage of turntables, just mechanically. In the late 1980s, someone invented a game called scratching records ("scratching records", that is, DJs are often seen scratching the turntable constantly, making squeaking sounds in line with the beat), which pushed DISCO to its first climax. . After that, DISCO was depressed for several years under the strong impact of karaoke, and in 1995 and 1996, it swept the world again with lightning speed, and it came back.

LJ can also be vulgarly understood as the abbreviation of Light Jockey, and it can be understood as a light knight; it is the person who controls the lighting equipment and creates light visual art for everyone. ; less often when called LJ. The people who come to us are all about lighting, so I don't need to explain it in more detail. Simply put, the difference between them is: DJ provides music; VJ provides video; LJ provides lighting. One additional point: VJ's approach is similar to the concept of DJ. Visual elements such as images and animations are edited on the spot, and effects are added. Due to the development of computer technology in recent years, a computer with special software can almost handle a complete performance. , greatly reducing the threshold of being a VJ. Over the next few years, VJs will gain more and more attention.

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