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how to upgrage Avolites panel firmware - Offline Updating

This FAQ is relevant to computer based consoles which have panels or control surfaces connected by USB.
Occasionally Avolites Ltd. may release a firmware upgrade to fix a particular problem or add an improvement to a panel. Normally firmware upgrades are issued at the same time as console version releases and the user is prompted to upgrade the panel firmware automatically during the install process. This method describes how to upgrade the panel firmware using (.hex) files provided by Avolites outside of the normal upgrade procedure. Avolites provides a utility called UsbExpert, which will already be installed on your console and can be used to upgrade panel firmware.

1. Copy the new firmware file to the correct location on the console:
Insert a USB pen drive with the new firmware file into the console. Select Tools – Folders in order to open an Explorer window. Browse to the .hex firmware file on the USB pen drive (the console may not be set up to show file extensions so you may just see the file name with no .hex extension Eg ew_sb in case of the Expert Wing firmware). Right click on the file and select Copy. Next browse to C:\Program Files\Avolites\UsbExpert\Panel Software\ which is the location of the firmware files in the console. Right click on the folder and select Paste. You will be asked if you want to update the existing file and you should confirm this by clicking Yes. Now close this window.

2. Open UsbExpert: Select Tools – Control Panel – UsbExpert Note:
If UsbExpert Console does not open then you can open it under Switch Task (as shown in above picture). You can see the current firmware version programmed in a panel by highlighting it in the left hand pane and looking under Software Version in the right hand pane. (If the Info tab along the top is selected). Make a note of this version in order to check the update later.

3. Update the firmware in the panel:
Select the Service tab and Enter Boot. Any panels with new firmware available will appear in the Auto Update window. Click Update Now. When programming has finished the panels will automatically exit boot mode. Check the firmware version has been updated by going back to the Info tab, highlighting the panel, and looking at SoftwareVersion once again. Close UsbExpert and re-start the console.

Running a recovery CD will overwrite all files on the C drive. If the firmware version on the CD is earlier than the updated version then be careful not to burn over the updated version in the panel (or you will have to repeat the update procedure).

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