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HQI metal halide lamps still play an important role in some fields







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Although LED light sources are more and more widely used in life and all walks of life, in some occasions, LEDs cannot be an ideal choice to replace HQI metal halide lamps (metal halide lamps are more suitable).In stadiums, arenas, and key locations in cities, HQI light sources can be seen everywhere.

Roccer HQI RQI

Roccer HQI RQI

HQI is a high temperature quartz iodide bulb, which is a double-ended metal halide bulb. There are two types of metal halide bulbs, one is a single-ended bulb, and the other is a double-ended bulb. The first type of bulb is a bit like the bulb of a traditional table lamp. These bulbs have an inner liner for light, and the outer layer is actually a protective cover. In addition to the function of preventing the inner layer of the bulb from bursting, it actually has an important function of eliminating invisible short-wave ultraviolet rays emitted by the inner liner.

Sports field lighting
HQI floodlight still the most cost-effective floodlighting for many clubs

soprts field lighting - HQI

soprts field lighting - HQI

Metal Halide Lamps (MH) – also known as HQI lamps
HQI lamps have a long history of development, and are characterized by high quality, excellent performance and long service life.Generally, it is more suitable to use HQI for floodlights, with long life and higher cost performance. Of course, except for high-end LED floodlight systems, its only disadvantage is that it is expensive.At the same time they are ideal for high quality bulb replacement or floodlight retrofit.

Extremely high luminous flux, very economical luminous efficiency, and a color rendering index of more than 90

ROCCER HQI 2000W Metal Halide Bulb

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