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9 Q&A of Beam Moving Head Lights







Asmslit Staff

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There are some common questions when using beam moving head lights. You can have a sense of how to check and repair from this video.
0:33- Q1: Is it possible to use other brand but same power lamp in our 7R plus?
1:00- Q2: The light does not respond when turned on
2:05- Q3: After starting up and working for a period of time, the light automatically resets
2:35- Q4: Why the lamp go out automatically?
3:19- Q5: No display on the display panel
3:54- Q6: The light bulb is on, the motor reset is normal, but it is not controlled
4:43- Q7: It can brighten the bulb and can be controlled, but it is not white light after reset
5:17- Q8: Motor shaking or out of step
6:42- Q9: The X and Y axis are out of step and cannot be positioned

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