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Although stage lamps are mostly used in more lively occasions, such as discos, concerts, etc., some scenes are more sensitive to noise, which has certain requirements for the quietness of lamps. Let's analyze the noise sources of lighting equipment together.

Mechanical noise of cooling fan

Since the lamp source emits a lot of heat, in order to improve the overall life and stability of the lamp, the high-power moving head lamps are often provided with an active cooling function (fan cooling).

Noise reduction tips: add special lubricant to the fan, or replace with a new fan of the same model, or contact the manufacturer for a quieter fan.

Airflow noise
The wind noise is related to the design. Generally speaking, this kind of noise is difficult to eliminate. Fortunately, this kind of noise is not too big.
Noise reduction tips: If it has been used for a certain period of time, you can try to remove the dust on the heat sink and fan blades, which may reduce the noise a little, but the most important thing is not to affect the heat dissipation.

Resonance noise
Usually, the noise from resonance is very annoying.Usually, this is due to loose screws, lack of shock pads / aging of shock pads, etc.


Noise from motor and machinery running
Please use special lubricating oil, if there is still noise, please contact the manufacturer and maintenance personnel.

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