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hello everyone. this is jessica. today, i'm going to share some knowledge of lighting source. i will talk about color temperature,
let's start with the color temperature. uh, different color temperature has different colors. it is very easy to understand and for example, 3000K shows yellow and 4000k shows warm light.

color temperature

color temperature
and different color temperature also give people different feelings.
uh, people will feel soft when the color temperature at 3000k. so it is simple to use in some rooms.
and but people prefer some daylights in some public areas.
and the next one is the lumen. the lumen is a parameter that shows.
Lumen is a unit of light emitting at an Angle of 1 sphere in which an equal amount of energy is emitted from the source in all directions at an intensity of 1 CD.

okay, that's all my introduction. if you want to know more about lamp and light source.
you can follow our forum.

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