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One of our customers raised such a question about line safety when using lamps: So how many lights can i connect on a 20amp breaker.

This question concerns circuit safety, and we take this answer very seriously. To answer this question, we need to know: The maximum current passing capacity is not necessarily a 20A circuit breaker, but to check the entire power line, you can refer to the "barrel principle"
Quote @The weakest point determines the performance of the entire circuit.

The basic calculation formula of power is - power W (P) = electric current A (I) * voltage V (U).

Line current of 1.5 square millimeters=10A; carrying power=10A*220V(110V)=2200W(1100W);
Line current of 2.5 square millimeters=16A; carrying power=16A*220V(110V)=3520W(1760W);
Line current of 4 square millimeters=25A; carrying power=25A*220V(110V)=5500W(2750W);
Line current of 6 square millimeters=32A; carrying power=32A*220V(110V)=7064W(3520W);

If the units involved are inconsistent with your local units, please convert them yourself.

For example: 12 AWG(12 gauge cable) Cable cross section ≈ 3 square millimeters ,3mm2 cable can carry 19A current.

Usually, the load capacity of the wires inside our stage lighting equipment allows you to connect up to 4-5 lamps in series (1.5mm2).The results are for reference only, pay attention to electricity safety.

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