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Some consumers asked about the difference between these best-selling moving head lights,like as below:

Quote @I have a question for you, do you have a video of 10r lights and 7r lights or 14r i wanna see the difference between lights and that way i can order

7R VS 7R Plus

7R and 7R Plus have different molds, 7R has been discontinued. in addition to the difference in appearance, there is more hardware that is different.

Brief description: 7R Plus has smaller size, better functions and performance

7R Plus VS 9R 250W / 10R 260W / 12R 280W
Same mold, same appearance. Their lights are the same.
But for some regions and countries, due to the requirements of agents and customer groups, the configuration of ballasts and bulbs has changed.

7R Plus VS 14R 295W
They are different moving head lights.


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