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Disassemble the beam 14R to solve most of the problems encountered







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Edited by StaJim at Jan 2,2023 21:50

The disassembly of Beam 14R is very easy, you only need to rotate your screwdriver to remove its shell, and you don’t need to memorize the position of the screws, because the screws it uses are almost the same.
Power off your head light before beginning disassembly. Remove the screws, remove the case. If there is a problem with your equipment, you only need to use the controller to operate the 14R and observe whether the corresponding components are working. This method can solve most of the problems encountered.

moving head light.
Beam 14R.jpg

Protocols: DMX512, RDM
Channel mode: 18 DMX512 Channel
Pan/Tilt: 540°/270°,8/16 bit resolution
Fixation: Tilt lock
Correction: Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction
Color wheel: 14 colors+open, with uv
Gobo Wheel: 8 fixed gobos+5 glass gobos+open
Prism 6 prisms: 8 facet prism; 16 facet prism; 8+16+24 facet prism; 6+12 facet prism; 2 linear prisms

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