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Stage moving head lights / sharpy lights common faults and solutions

In the process of using the beam light, the corresponding operation should be carried out according to the purchased product manual. If some details are not fulfilled or are installed and used at will without understanding the requirements, then it is likely to cause problems due to improper operation of any link, so in the process of operating the beam light Pay attention to the following issues.

beam moving head light

beam moving head light

14R 295W Beam Head Light

Common faults: the whole lamp is not powered
Solution: First, check whether there is any problem with the power cord. If the fuse on the power base is burnt out, replace it. Then open the base panel of the moving head light to check whether the ballast is powered on. Whether the internal switch connection line is dropped or not, by checking all the problems of the existing parts, we can find out why the whole moving head light will not be energized.

Common faults: light bulbs come on and off
Solution: Check whether the light bulb is whitish or black. If there is such a situation, replace the light bulb immediately to avoid damage to the moving head light due to the problem of the light bulb. Next, check whether the fans near the light bulb are running normally, and then turn on Open the shell of the lamp body and check the heat dissipation window at the end of the bulb. If there is dust or debris that blocks the air passage, then the heat dissipation window must be cleaned in time.

Common faults: moving head lights are out of control
Solution: Check whether the address code is correct. If the address code is correct but not under control, then check whether the three cores of the signal line are reversed, and then check whether the connection line between the XLR seat and the XLR head is in contact. In bad situations, you must be able to get in touch with the stage light manufacturer for help.

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