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Usually, some faults will occur when we use the moving head light. Here we have collected and summarized some common faults, such as the moving head light is not energized as a whole, the bulb is not lit, uncontrolled, etc., and some solutions are given for reference.

Common fault 1: The moving head light is not powered on as a whole
1. First check if there is any problem with the power cord.
2. Check whether the fuse of the power socket is blown.
3. Open the base panel of the lamp, check whether the ballast is powered on, and whether the internal switch cable is dropped.
4. Open the two shells of the lamp body, and check whether the temperature control is faulty at the position near the bulb.

Common fault 2: The bulb of the moving head light does not light up
1. Turn on the tail of the lamp body to check whether the bulb is white or black. If the above two phenomena occur, please replace the bulb and try again.
2. Open the two shells of the lamp body, the trigger is installed on the lamp post, check whether the wiring of the trigger is black, and replace the trigger if there is.

Common fault 3: The bulb of the moving head light is on and off when it is on
1. Check whether the light bulb is white, black or swollen. Please replace the light bulb in the above situations to avoid damage to the product.
2. Check whether the fans near the two sides of the bulb are working properly. If any, please replace the fans in time;
3. Please open the two shells, and there is a white temperature control on the layer of the pattern sheet and the color sheet to see if it is burned out (if it is broken, it will not go out of the bubble);
4. Open the two shells of the lamp body. There is a heat dissipation window on the tail of the bulb. After a long time, the air passage will be blocked. If the heat dissipation window is full of dust, please clean it (this heat dissipation window is best cleaned every month.) best once).

Common fault 4: moving head light bulb blows up
1. First check whether the voltage is between 220V-230V, if it exceeds 230V, the possibility of frying (so it is recommended that a voltage stabilizer should be installed in each place);
2. If the bubbles appear, please check whether the bubbles are caused by the long working life (the normal life of domestic bulbs is within 300-500 hours);
3. Is there a problem with the quality of the bulb?
4. If the above three methods are not, it may be a problem with the ballast.

Common fault 5: the moving head light is out of control?
1. Check whether the address code is logarithmic? If the address code is correct but not controlled, check whether the three cores of the signal line are reversed? And check whether the connection between the card dragon seat and the card dragon head is in a condition (poor contact);
2. If the address code is correct and there is no problem with the side connection of the signal line, the DMX light at the address code will flash normally. If it does not flash, there is a connection problem;
3. Use the same console to connect a single lamp to test it. If there is no problem, it proves that there is a problem with the main board or display board of the uncontrolled lamp.

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