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how about Joyfirst beam 14R







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Edited by StaJim at Oct 16,2023 21:23

We saw some comments from netizens on the Internet about our Joyfirst:

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he Joyfirst Beam 14R is a 295W moving head beam light that is popular among professional lighting designers and enthusiasts. It is known for its bright output, narrow beam angle, and wide range of features.
The Beam 14R has a number of advantages over other moving head beam lights in its class. First, it is very bright, with a luminous flux of 20,000 lumens. This makes it suitable for use in large venues and for creating long-throw effects.
Second, the Beam 14R has a very narrow beam angle of 2.5 degrees. This allows it to create sharp and concentrated beams of light that are ideal for cutting through fog and haze.
Third, the Beam 14R has a wide range of features, including:
  • 14 colors
  • 14 gobos (8 fixed + 5 glass + white)
  • 6 independent prisms
  • Fast pan and tilt speeds
  • DMX512 control
The combination of these features makes the Beam 14R a very versatile and powerful moving head beam light. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Nightclubs
  • Theatrical productions
  • Corporate events
However, the Beam 14R is also a relatively expensive and heavy moving head beam light. It is not ideal for budget-minded users or for applications where a lightweight and portable light is required.
Overall, the Joyfirst Beam 14R is an excellent choice for professional users who need a bright, powerful, and versatile moving head beam light.

In fact, Beam 14R is rich in functions and uses solid materials, which also leads to its relatively high cost. We collected users’ suggestions and launched the cheap, relatively small and lightweight Beam Mini 7R for some users in need.

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