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LED stage lighting equipment instruction manual

100W LED module beam moving head light

100W LED

100W LED

Pleaseread the instruction manual carefully before use

Compared with LED moving head light and traditional par light, LED moving head light has more rich coloreffects.The color mixing effect is more abundant, the color mixing effect ofthe three primary colors of the led has risen to 16,700,000,LED moving head light

The usage conditions aredivided into two categories, one is commercial lighting, also known as floodlights.

Mainly play the role of lighting,high-power LED lights, LED lights are usually used as a single color and smallvolume light.

Used in shoppingmalls, hotels, hotels, fountain plazas, etc.。

The colors of LED lights are red, green,blue, and white, and they are often used in stage performances, weddingceremonies, exhibitions and conference venues.

1.Safety Instruction
●  Pleasekeep this User Guide for future consultation.If you sell the unit to anotheruser,be sure that they also receive this instruction booklet
●  Unpack andcheck carefully there is no transportation damage before using the unit.
●  Beforeoperating,ensure that the voltage and frequency of power supply match the powerrequirements of the unit
●  It’simportant to ground the yellow/green conductor to earth in order to avoidelectric shock.
●  The unitis for indoor use only.Use only in a dry location
●  The unitmust be installed in a location with adequate ventilation,at least 50cm fromadjacent surfaces.Be sure that no ventilation slots are blocked
●  Disconnectmain power before replacement or servicing.
●  Make surethere is no flammable materials close to the unit while operating as it is firehazard.
●  Use safetycable when fixes this unit.Don’t handle the unit by taking its head only,But always by taking itsbase.
●  Maximum ambient temperatureis ta:40℃. Don't operate it where the temperature is higher than this.
●  Unit surface temperaturemay reach up to 85℃.Dont touch the housing bare-hand during its operation.Turnoff the power and allow about 15 minutes for the unit to cool down beforereplacing or serving.

100W LED manual

100W LED manual

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60HZ
Power: 100W
Light source: 100W LED module
17 patterns + white light, 15 colors + white light, auxiliary 0.2Wx30
Channel: PMX self-propelled voice control master-slave
Control mode: 0%-100% linear dimming
X axis: 540°
Y axis: 27

100W LED manual

100W LED manual

One: Menu

100W LED manual

100W LED manual

Two: Channel table

100W LED manual

100W LED manual

100W LED manual

100W LED manual

LED stage lighting equipment instruction manual.docx

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